My dear friend Elizabeth has more artistic style and talent in her fingertip then I have in my entire body. She is a seamstress and an artist. Her home is a visual delight. I always feel like I am in a European museum but one where you can touch everything. Her use of color, texture, and art is breathtaking.

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Easter Bonanza

When I was about 9 years old, my Dad made the colossal mistake of allowing us kids to buy the Easter candy. And he financed the deal.

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

Childhood memories are malleable, but this is how I remember the blessed event. It was Holy Saturday and, for some reason, Mom hadn’t yet procured the candy. All five of us were beyond believing in the Easter bunny (I never really bought into that one), so Dad suggested that the kids do the shopping.

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A Pep Talk

This post is a bit of a pep talk for myself. You are welcome to listen in.

For our family, as for many, Lent and Holy Week is a time full of unique traditions and once-a-year liturgies, foods, and events. It culminates during these holy days of the Triduum. Our family begins with a Christian-style Seder Meal on Holy Thursday and ends with a grand party after the Easter Vigil. But, as everyone knows, this year is very different.

Veronica said to me last night, “Mom, it doesn’t feel like Holy Week.” I know what she means. I don’t feel it either.

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