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Pomp and Circumstance

Last month, we had two graduations. Michael graduated from high school while Rocky graduated from 8th grade. It was a time of celebrations and ceremonies. Obviously, it wasn’t a time for much blogging. It was also a time of minimal oversight of Johnny. He made the most of it.

My Scout

Today is Memorial Day. It is also Michael’s 18th birthday. Which he celebrated by jumping out of a plane and sky diving. So I thought a short post combining two of these three events together would be appropriate. The first two events. I’m pretending the third one didn’t happen.

Farewell Cheeks

I haven’t written in several days. Because I simply don’t want to tell you. Because if I write it, it makes it real. Painfully real. And I have been struggling to accept what happened last Thursday. Charlotte died in the arms of her parents. Just days after sweet baby Sterling.

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