Modern Parenting

I’ve been a mother for 24 years now. There are some things that I do really well. I love reading to my kids. I make delicious homemade rolls and I know some fantastic camp songs. I’m always up for a road trip or a Wheel of Fortune, though recently we’ve been watching The Joy of Painting.

But there are multiple entries on the other side of the parenting spectrum. Close to the top: I’m a terrible Tooth Fairy.

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Beckygram: Adaptation

I am almost 28 months old now. Most children my age are running around being chased by a parent. However, I am still not standing independently and I cannot walk. As a child with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease, my medical team and therapists expect delays.

But my lack of gross motor skills has been a source of surprise and frustration, particularly for my physical therapist.

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