Beckygram: Confidence

It’s been quiet around Mom’s blog recently. Because we’ve been on a trip to Texas together, enjoying Mom’s family. And the great State Fair of Texas.

I learned an important lesson about confidence at the fair, courtesy of my Mommo and Gramps. Mom has half a dozen posts in the hopper regarding this fabulous trip. But let’s start with my life lesson.

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Beckygram: Road Trip

ln the last 72 hours Mom and I have driven from Chicago to Boston in monsoon level rains, made a visit to the University of Michigan Pediatric ER (G-tube issue), hung out at the McGee Toyota dealership while some of the greatest humans on the planet diagnosed a “Check Engine” light on the van, and moved Greta into her apartment. Oh, and I got a haircut.

It’s been great. Mom has some fabulous stories to write. But now we’re heading to Ikea.