Why Blog Now?

I have been teaching water fitness classes for the better part of the last 24 years. What began as a way to stretch a thin graduate school budget has become a life’s passion. Over these years, many people have encouraged me to write a book or start a blog.

A large part of my teaching is story telling. Stories about my children and family life. Stories about things I have read or listened to. An article on fitness. A recipe for Sunday brunch. A must see movie.

Stories create commonality and build community. The participants in my classes are like family to me. During this time of shut down and shelter-in-place, I am no longer teaching. This normally only happens when our local pool is drained and cleaned (pictured above) or during the Christmas holidays. I miss teaching terribly. I worry about my participants and hope for their health and safety.

I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog but have never seriously pursued it until now. This seems to be a good time. I am still formulating my goals for this blog and writing a mission statement. But, for now, I post to keep connected with all of the wonderful people I normally teach. It seems a poor substitute. But isn’t everything these days?

3 thoughts on “Why Blog Now?

  1. So sorry that pool isn’t full of water with you teaching from the deck… 😥 But looking forward to peeking in on what it like to be in quarantine with your husband and 7 children!! For who knows how long!!


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