2 + 2 = 4

I enjoyed my Mother’s Day immensely. Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling well for most of it. So I stayed in bed and enjoyed long phone conversations with my mom, my mother-in-law, and dear friend Judy as well as texts with family and friends. At several times, different kids piled into bed with me and we talked and laughed and rested. It was low key and wonderful.

The day ended with Mexican food and one of my favorite movies “Fantasia 2000”. There were even a few gifts.

While I appreciate the presents, I confess that my favorites are those love gifts from the hearts of small children. Mary Frances made a handmade envelope and put a Mom picture inside. Just precious.

Normally, Johnny’s preschool teachers would help him make something special for the occasion. But with the school shut down, there was no tissue paper wrapped gift to bring home. So Josephine stepped in to help. Johnny wanted to write me a letter but, given that he just barely knows the alphabet, that is beyond him. Josephine offered to write down Johnny’s dictation. Here it is, word for word, from the mouth of the little angel.


I love you! I love you with all my heart. 2 + 2 is 4, just so you know. I love you reading books to me. I like just like cuddling with you. I love doing gardening work with you. I love you playing board games with me – like the Catan Dice Game. I like watching TV with you. I love our baby pictures we have. I love going to the store with you and walking around. I love you being home all the time. I love you making dinner. I love you, Mom.


O.S.P. This is what I wroted for you.

I will keep it forever. What a lovely reminder that the greatest thing I can do as a mother is simply show up. And cook dinner.

*The first picture shows the “baby pictures” that Johnny refers to in his letter. My mother-in-law has bought me a pewter frame for each of the kids. I have my favorite baby picture of each child in these frames.

4 thoughts on “2 + 2 = 4

  1. You are not crying. I am crying. I love word for word dictation! Nice affirmation of the effort you have made to stay home and keep the train running on time.


    • Thanks for the lovely comment. The train barely has wheels these days and is in desperate need of cleaning 🙂


  2. How sweet!!!
    Mine was low key too. I’m staying with my daughter and her family out in Aurora. It is fun to be with the twins every day. They are a joy.
    Dorothy (purple noodle)


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