I’ve Seen It

Johnny’s baseball season has wrapped up. It was a delightful addition to a rather drab summer.

John mastered dressing in his uniform (mostly) and collecting all the baseball paraphernalia for games. As well as diving out of the car and running to the field in a hurry (we don’t leave much margin time for getting places on time).

He does need to work on tying his shoes and appropriate sock placement. Although this particular look, with the socks pulled up over his pants to mid-thigh, was a fan favorite. As someone said after his at-bat, ‘You hit like that, you can dress however you want!”

Johnny was initially perplexed by the concept of T-ball. When I told him how it worked, he said, “You mean, I have to hit it off a tee? Why do I have to do that?” He couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t just pitch him the ball.

Well, the last few games of the season have included an inning of coach-pitch. And Johnny loved it. Here is a video of his first at-bat with the ball being tossed directly to him.

I love this video. He gets so caught up in the hit that he forgets to run until the ball lands. Johnny asked me the next day why everyone was yelling at him. He’ll catch on.

The next day, I thought he might like to see the video of his at-bat. Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: “Hey Johnny. Do you want to see a video of your big hit?”

Johnny: “No.”

Me: “Why not?”

Johnny: “I’ve already seen it, Mom.”

Me: “Who showed you the video? It’s on Dad’s phone.”

Johnny: “No one.”

Me: “Well then how did you see it?”

Johnny: “Mom, I saw it when I hit it.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

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