Cloclit Eggs

Apparently, Johnny has some well-developed ideas regarding Easter.

And, more specifically, the Easter bunny.

Apparently, today’s Easter bunny is a frequent flyer. The upgraded ability to fly around the world must beat hopping everywhere with a basket full of eggs.

Our modern bunny is also attuned to self care. In the form of cloclit eggs.

8 to be precise.

5 thoughts on “Cloclit Eggs

  1. Would you believe I was actually googling “cloclit egg” because that was a term I was unfamiliar with when all of it sudden it dawned on me what it was!?
    My Buzzr TV has really paid off lately with watching “Concentration” because, let’s be honest — some of those “picture words” are a stretch to get you to guess what they mean in the grand scheme of the puzzle! I’m curious how the Easter Bunny stops the cloclit eggs from melting in the tropics??
    (please tell me I haven’t completely made a fool of myself and there really is a thing called a cloclit egg from some exotic country?!)


    • In my defense I was recalling the post from April 2020 — on Pisanki! Those beautifully painted eggs you pictured in the bowl on your table. See — I do pay attention to your posts. Just the recall of specifics is beginning to fade…
      (RTR❣️Elephant’s Reigning Cry)


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