Beckygram: Movin’ On Up

There have been several changes around here in the last couple of days.

For starters, I got a new piece of NICU real estate. A crib!

I’ve also started wearing clothes again and baby blankets. As well as funny hats.

I’m breathing room air on my own and am so grateful to have everything off my face. My cardiac situation is stable. The cardiologists want me to weigh 11-12 pounds and reach at least 3 months before my open heart surgery. Ideally, we can wait even longer if I continue to put on weight and control my breathing. Every day, every ounce will improve my surgical outcome.

Mom and I are working hard on feedings. I will be up to my full amount at 11:00pm tonight. Hopefully, my central line will be removed sometime tomorrow. Look at my new bottle. My speech therapist gave it to me. Mom calls it the Becky Bullet. It really is adorable.

I work hard to take 5-10/mL by mouth and then receive the rest of my feeding through my G-tube. Mom is a real pro at setting up my feeding lines and no longer feels like she will faint when she touches me. A real achievement! I put on 150 grams over night and am now punching above 9 pounds.

We are waiting for our home equipment to be delivered to the hospital so Mom and my Mommo can be trained on this particular system. I will have a home nurse for the first month, just to check in on me a couple times a week.

The rumor around here is that I am getting close to discharge. Close in the NICU world means 1 week or so. There is a long list of discharge items to be addressed including passing a hearing test and car seat challenge. This involves being strapped into my car seat and and having a nurse observe my vital signs for 2 hours. Seriously.

Mom dreams of being home to watch the Notre Dame/Clemson football game on Saturday night. I dream of being held for hours on end by the rowdy 7 and my Dad. So I best get back to sleep and put on some more weight!

11 thoughts on “Beckygram: Movin’ On Up

  1. Super! I was wondering what her bottle would look like. What kind of formula is she receiving? Just seeing her in a normal crib makes my heart sing.


  2. She is receiving my milk. I am busy pumping every 2-3 hours. I am proud to say I have over 200 bottles stored up for her in the hospital’s deep freeze. It is a very different experience for me but I want to give Becky the best nutrition possible.


  3. All good news! She looks adorable in her new digs. And all I can say about the 200 bottles of milk is Moooo-ve on over, Oberweis!!


  4. Kathleen, I remember when you were taken aback at your mammogram report that said your breasts were “unremarkable”. Heck you’ve nursed seven children and now are on number eight. You are totally remarkable! You and Becky are awesome!


    • You crack me up, Betty Jean! I am plowing away here. She’s such a sweet baby and I can’t wait to bring her home! Hope all is well!


  5. Such wonderful news! So excited to hear that Becky will get to meet her beautiful family soon! Prayers for continued eating, weight gain, and discharge home!πŸ™πŸ»β™₯️


  6. Such an uplifting post! I’m so happy Becky is doing so well! She looks adorable. I hope she can get rid of the feeding tube tomorrow and go home β€œsoon” to the rest of her loving family.


  7. Way to go and grow Becky. We are praying for you every day.
    Thank your dear mommy for the wonderful updates. I look forward to opening my email and find a Beckygram.
    Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers.


  8. So happy to hear that you’re doing so well Becky. It will be so exciting for all your family to have you home, and Johnny will be thrilled to have Mom home again.
    Love and prayers!


  9. Hey, Becky, the Lynch side of your family tree has never had a problem gaining weight. We are all pulling for you. ( love the “Becky Bullet!). Hope you enjoy the 200 frozen milk shakes-some kids have all the breaks. ❀& prayers, Aunt Cynthia


  10. We are all full of happy for you here in Michigan!!! What phenomenal news!!! You will find home just way more fun than the NICU! Those older sibs will just crack you up! Love and hugs, brave little warrior princess! You’re almost home! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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