♥Day 6♥

A new day. A new nurse. A new headband.

Today has been relatively quiet as Becky continues her long recovery.

Becky’s lungs sound better than her x-ray looks. They hear some breath sounds on the left side but it still sounds junky. Because the x-ray has not improved, Dr. N stayed conservative and didn’t wean her ventilator settings today. It’s important to give her respiratory support and to help keep the airways open on the left side.

Becky continues to remove her nasal cannula. This is a positive sign as it means she is more aware of her surroundings and recognizes this as a foreign object. But it does lead to frequent desaturation alarms. She has been very engaging today, cooing and making eye contact. It’s good to see her almost back to her normal, cheery self.

Becky had another echo this morning. It was lovely to reconnect with Tiffany, the tech who has been imaging Becky’s heart since 22 weeks gestation. The image of her repaired heart will never get old. I’m still waiting for the final report from the cardiologist. Her tricuspid valve appears to be leaking a bit more.

Mom and I both had some time holding Becky. This was part of her daily care plan and my favorite part of morning rounds. Mom is working on animal sounds and Becky seems to prefer the duck. She also tried to take off Mom’s mask.

The only other big development is that we ate lunch in the cafeteria while watching a snowstorm. It was a nice change of scenery. Oh, and I bought a pack of gum.

Finally, I gave Becky a little manicure today with my trusty nail scissors. Because they can perform open heart surgery but they can’t trim her nails.

Which really doesn’t make any sense.

11 thoughts on “♥Day 6♥

  1. My dear sister-in in-law, Jeannette, at last after 62 years it’s proven…you still “quack” it! Becky must be having a blast having you woof, meow, oink, moo, baa, cluck & quack-I wish I was there. 😂😂❤, Cynthy


    • I can’t stand how adorable Becky is!! Glad she continues to progress. How glorious it will be when she is free of machines. Can’t wait! Sending so much love and prayers!


  2. ❤️❤️❤️ from us. You two ( Kathleen and Jeanette) are remarkable and it’s obvious that Becky got your genes. It’s amazing what she has already been through in her short life but so resilient. God bless.


  3. I have treasured each edition of this process. Thank you for sharing the journey so openly, honestly, and powerfully. Sending all my prayers.


  4. Becky looks adorable in her new headband! I love all of the pictures. She must be feeling better since she is trying to take off the nasal cannula! She is making progress one day at a time. Hugs and kisses!


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