People Must Know

Our Christmas hasn’t gone exactly according to plan.

We had a plan but it changed. And then it changed again. And then the dam broke loose and we were on a wild ride.

I recently saw a movie with some friends called “Christmas With The Chosen”. It was powerful and I managed to stay awake despite the late hour and the luxury lounge chair.

You can stream the entire show for free. It’s a combination of music, reflections, and the Christmas episode depicting the birth of Christ. If you watch from the link below, the production begins around the 15:00 minute mark. The episode depicting the birth of Christ begins around the 1:24:32 mark. The title of my post comes from the interviews with the various artists and actors

The first Christmas certainly wasn’t easy or without struggle. It didn’t come prepackaged with lights and tinsel and a tin of frosted cookies. I felt frustration and sadness that our long anticipated plans were unraveling. And then this Advent reflection hit my inbox on Christmas Eve.

Greta told me about it and I had been excited about its release. But in the craziness of the past week, I figured maybe her video had been overlooked. It couldn’t have come at a better time. A reminder of the importance of family, the power of prayer, and the reality of miracles.

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “People Must Know

  1. I saw Christmas with The Chosen at the theatre with the group in my neighborhood that has met weekly to watch all of the first 2 Seasons of The Chosen. You can download them at no cost from a free Peacock App. The production is done so well. You should watch them. Entertaining and not a boring documentary but it makes Jesus so personal.


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