So much for my hopes for a quick discharge.

We will be spending the night at the hospital.

Our afternoon was uneventful save for a trip to Radiology for some x-rays. Becky loved being paraded down the halls.

The x-rays showed some inflammation. Dr. Sherman decided to keep her overnight for additional observation and steroids. He will re-evaluate in the morning and may perform a bedside procedure to scope her airway.

I drove home for a quick dinner and a shower. I enjoyed hearing about everyone’s day and fielded requests for beads and string (Mary Frances), a water polo swimming suit and goggles (Veronica), and a video game (Johnny has been perusing Amazon again). I admire their pluck and opportunism. I packed an overnight bag, grabbed a leftover box of candy hearts, and returned to the hospital. Becky is sleeping peaceful. I hope to join her soon as I am thoroughly exhausted.

3 thoughts on “Sleepover

  1. I enjoyed your update on the other kids! Never let a family emergency and the opportunity to catch a parent in a distracted moment go to waste!

    Praying everything goes well and you and Becky are soon sleeping in your own beds! ❤️🙏


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