Praise Report

My parents often refer to good news as a Praise Report. This can encompass anything from finding a lost set of keys to receiving positive news at the doctor.

Today, I have one on behalf of Becky.

Becky had her six-month appointment with her cardiologist. This appointment always makes me a bit nervous. It has been two years, almost to the day, since her last open heart surgery. She is growing well and, with the exception of croup, has been healthy. Still, her heart underwent significant repairs and we have to check periodically to make sure all is functioning properly. Truthfully, there is a latent fear always lurking, that something will go wrong.

Becky did relatively well during the echo. I went through my camp song playlist and even recited Goodnight Moon, The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves, and Prayer for a Child by heart. When the seemingly endless test finally ended, I needed a quick drink of water. 30 minutes is a long time to keep a toddler still. And then we waited for the results. When Dr. Roberson finally walked into the room, Becky made the sign for “Dad” and repeatedly said “Up”. She refused to settle down until she got what she wanted.

I’m thrilled to report that all looks good. Becky’s valves are working properly and there is no sign of pulmonary hypertension. At this point, Dr. Roberson feels it is unlikely that she would require any additional surgical interventions. He even said we can pull the g-tube as she no longer requires it for any cardiac medications.

Praise Report!

I made another appointment in six months and walked to the car. It’s a beautiful, almost spring-like day here, the weather reflecting the good news just received. Becky quickly fell asleep and I relished the quiet drive home from the hospital. I didn’t make any phone calls. Instead I enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the tears of joy unexpectedly running down my cheeks. I’ve spent long days alone with Becky in the hospital. It seemed appropriate to have this moment to myself.

Once home I shared the echo results with my uncle who is a cardiologist himself. I’m always interested in his analysis of her situation. He responded that “her results are quite amazing given the level of cardiac abnormalities she had at birth”. That might just be my new favorite quote, albeit a bit long to put on a t-shirt.

I’ve taken some time today to flip back through pictures and remember the first months of 2021. It’s hard to believe that all of this actually happened. I get so caught up in Becky’s day-to-day care, and frustrated by her continuing challenges, that I forget to look back. To remember where we were exactly two years ago: an unexpected second open heart surgery, feeding challenges, the need for oxygen and medications around the clock. I often move past the blessings and milestones, neglecting to take the time to reflect.

Remembering reminds me to be grateful. And gratitude gives me the endurance to move forward.

Filling me to the brim with praise.

10 thoughts on “Praise Report

  1. Thank you God! Continue to bless all of this family with your strength and Grace. Prayers for you all!

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  2. God is GREAT! Becky has come a long ways to get such an outstanding report. She is an amazing blessing and I’m sure that the love she gets from her family has helped that tiny heart to heal.
    Y’all have been through so much to get to this place. Take a breath and relax a bit after getting this AWESOME news!


  3. This is awesome news and made my day! Happy Becky is doing well and she is getting so big! Thanks for sharing this extra special Praise Report!!


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