The Silver Lining

I’ve posted several times about the adversity surrounding teenage drivers and their tendency to drive too fast and hit things. I’ve even included some practical advice regarding auto insurance.

But Angela sent me something recently that warmed my weary parent-with-teenage-drivers heart.

Thankfully, Angela is tucked away among her sweet roommates at college with no vehicle accessible other than her bike. My sister and brother-in-law live nearby but, through a stroke of parenting genius, only drive manual transmission cars. We haven’t owned one in years, so our kids haven’t had the opportunity to learn to drive a stick shift (though it is the best way to enjoy the open road and I dearly miss driving one).

Angela has admitted to borrowing her Texas cousin’s truck once or twice to drive to her weekly piano accompaniment job off-campus. Connor is in graduate school and is a kind soul who should start reading this blog more regularly. Because she loves driving his truck and says it accelerates nicely.

I pray every Monday night for the truck’s safety. And hers.

When we last left Angela, she was stranded on the side of the freeway with a blown tire. But, due to prior experiences, she knows exactly what to do in these situations. Pull over. Call for help. Text about it.

Angela recently received a message from a high school classmate. Dear Zoe was visiting from her home in Oxford, England. Apparently she had a little mishap on the freeway. Zoe texted the following:

“Please tell your mum that I would not have known who to call when the Jeep just stopped in the middle lane of the Kennedy after a 5 hour drive from Carbondale in rush hour if not for her blog.”

So, there it is.

Our outrageously high auto premium has finally benefited another human being.

I have my silver lining though not my silver coins.

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