Wrinkle Free

This is one of my favorite pictures of my only sister, Karen. It was taken on our last trip to Disney World in January 2020.

Before Covid. Before Becky. Before everything.

Karen is smart and talented, a gifted attorney and former law professor. But, look at that picture again. Mostly, she is really fun. Gift-giving is her love language and she has a fabulous candy stash in her house. She can organize a wicked game of Bingo or family kickball. She freely admits that she doesn’t cook; she assembles, relishing her ability to make legendary salads. She has such a big heart and would give you the shirt off her back. Especially if it meant she could shop for a new one.

Johnny recently made a comment about Aunt Karen that she will always remember. And never let me forget.

Last week, Johnny and I were snuggling on the couch when he began tracing the ever-deepening lines on my face. He found a particularly deep crevasse and asked a direct question, “What is this, Mom?”. Humbled, I told him that it was a wrinkle. He immediately responded, “Aunt Karen doesn’t have any wrinkles.”

Let me stop for a moment to clarify that Karen is my older sister. Much older, actually.

My competitive side emerged alongside my wounded pride. I responded, “Oh yes, she does!”

Johnny shot back, “No, Mom. She doesn’t. Aunt Karen doesn’t have any wrinkles.”

Baffled, I told him that this was impossible, defying the laws of physics and aging. And my own eyesight. He had a ready defense: “She has a cream. I’ve seen it in her bathroom.”

I threw my head back and let out a hearty laugh. I imagined a free-range Johnny rummaging through her bathroom cabinets, turning over bottles and reading labels. Eventually, I reached for my phone to video-call the uncreased aunt. She welcomed the interruption to her busy workday. I told her the story and Karen confirmed that Johnny was absolutely correct: she does have a cream and she has no wrinkles.

I’m calling foul on that.

As I prepared this post, I found this adorable picture of Karen holding baby Johnny. The serene moment masks collusion which would come to fruition eight years later. Because I’m pretty sure she’s whispering something to her greatest fan. And liar.

She’s undoubtedly laying the groundwork for a wrinkle-free future.

10 thoughts on “Wrinkle Free

  1. Y’all come from the sisterhood of Clan Lynch: Barbara & Cynthia,
    Cathy & Mary Clare,
    Karen & Kathleen.
    Gramma & Aunt Frances
    would be so proud!!
    love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


  2. Johnny definitely keeps y’all on your toes! If, and I say IF, you have a wrinkle or two or a grey hair or two it would be VERY understandable!!! Never a dull moment.
    My true comment is that when I see pics with you and your girls you all look like siblings.


  3. I am always struck by the great love all your family has for each other. It is beautiful to read about your happy silly times and the moments of deep thought. I want more of that in my life. Keep writing. You are inspiring.


  4. This is a great picture of you and Karen! And you’re right, I always remember her bringing the fun. BTW, I don’t see wrinkles on you. Being out of the Texas sun has kept your skin looking so young. 😉


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