It’s been a long, difficult week.

My sister’s beloved brother-in-law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. A dear friend received troubling results from a medical scan. We received difficult news regarding developments at our previous grade school and the girls’ current high school. I attended the visitation services for a special friend, who was like a 3rd grandmother to our children. Our property taxes went up. And someone egged my car. It brought to mind a Pepper…And Salt cartoon.

My sentiments exactly.

In the midst of the storm, I received a long-awaited email, containing a link to a very special album of pictures. Several weeks ago, I signed up Becky for a unique opportunity through the Loving Luca Foundation. We received a free, 5-minute photo session at a local forest preserve. I reserved the last slot, knowing my tendency to run late. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have always struggled to leave margin with regards to time. This day, it tilted in my favor as the five-minute session stretched to 45 minutes. The pictures are absolute treasure.

At the end the photographer asked me to hold Becky for a moment. I was hesitant as I had forgotten that this was, in part, a Mother’s Day session. And I was still in my exercise clothes, hair thrown into a high pony, without a streak of rouge or lip gloss. Thankfully, I put my pride aside and scooped up our little bundle. The photographer captured the most endearing set of photos. Which brought focus to this difficult week.

God didn’t promise me an easy life without heartache or difficulties. But He did assure me that He would be waiting in the center of the storm. Companionship is the great, everlasting promise. God with us. “Lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

I have seen it played out countless times. The angel who comforted me during Becky’s birth. The lovely lap swimmers at the YMCA who wave to me while I do my deep-water, Fluid Running and ask about the kids between sets. I see it in the kindness of the Metra conductor who welcomes Rocky every morning and waves to me as I drive away. Or the CVS cashier who always notices that I have left something at the bottom of the cart. Companions all, who shake me out of my self-centeredness and tendency to complain, like the woman in the cartoon.

Honestly, when I saw the pictures of Becky and me, I was tempted to focus on the fatigue and the lines of care deepening on my face. Rather short sighted, especially in light of the week’s events. Once again, perspective arrived, unanticipated, on my doorstep. It comes in a variety of ways, in assorted-sized packages. This week’s offering was wrapped in pink hairbows and accented with a toothy smile.

Doing a double take, I marveled at the special bundle in my arms, our heaven-sent companion for this stage in life.

During weeks like this, I need to embrace these many life companions, hold on for dear life,

and squeeze.

8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Re:Pepper and Salt… go ahead… you deserve it. In fact, I’ll do it with/for your…
    Here goes:”aaaaaaaaaasashhh
    love Aunt Cynthia☹️😩😠😵‍💫


  2. Kathleen,  this is so beautiful. God bless you always, dear friend.

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  3. Such beautiful photos of sweet Becky! And then there’s the photos of you holding your sweet blessing…. You radiate the love you have for your sweet bundle and she reciprocates that love and happiness. God bless you.


  4. I always find myself in awe of your writing and how you stir my spirit. My dear friend, thank you for sharing your adventures.


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