Many years ago, when we lived in our previous home, our next door neighbors had a daughter with special needs. She was a twin and had born the brunt of the girls’ premature birth. Every month, a truck backed into their driveway to deliver oxygen tanks and other supplies. During one such delivery, I was visiting with her mother. I summoned the courage to ask about her daughter. The child’s special needs were obvious, but there was no yard sign declaring her condition. The mother graciously shared about the family’s experience.

During the day, the girl went about life much as any child: climbing trees, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and tracking mud through the house. At night, she required oxygen support, hence those monthly deliveries. I asked the mom if this was difficult for her. I will never forget her answer. She smiled and said, “When you have been through what we have been through, every day at home is like gravy”.

I had no idea what she meant.

I do now.

Honestly, I had forgotten about this experience until recently. Last week, most of us traveled to Notre Dame to attend Anything Goes, a silly, fun musical about something. I’m not sure what. But the singing and tap dancing were fantastic. Angela played piano behind the set. We gave her a rousing applause when she emerged from the shadows. We enjoyed a delightful visit at my sister’s home and scored some free babysitting for the evening. Angela’s senior year is ticking away and it was a treat to enjoy one last show.

Earlier in the day, we had spent some time hanging out in Angela’s dorm. Josephine later posted a series of pictures, mostly of Becky. This elicited the most heartwarming responses from the kids.

I stand in awe of how the Rowdy 7 have embraced Becky. She is loved with most pure love. No expectations. No hopes. No dreams. Just a pure love of who Becky is at this exact moment. It’s a privilege for Sam and I to watch the kids with Becky and we were both touched by the comments in the family group chat.

“Dude stop. I will never love anyone the way I love Becky.

“That is the best thing I’ve ever heard.”

“She’s just a superior being.”

“Without a doubt, I have a favorite sibling.”

Lest you think things are all rainbows and unicorns around here, let me share my favorite comment. It’s raw. It’s honest. It’s 100% accurate.

“She has a massive belly in the last photo.”

Pass the gravy.

8 thoughts on “Gravy

  1. Lovely Easter Story
    Easter Blessings to whole family
    I will spend Easter at
    Christine and Brian house
    Love Dorothy


  2. I’m sure it helps that she has just the sweetest and most endearing personality. Such a treat to see our hand-me-downs on her, looking so cute!


  3. Is Becky going on a little trip? She’s got her bag all packed. I love her ever-smiling adorable face!💕


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